communication blog sermistabasu

Honestly, I did created this blog to read and comment, it is allowing me to read in 10% cases but when it comes to opening blogs and commenting in them it is an absolute failure, I don’t know if it is airtel’s specialty or the reception here is disgusting but I guess I will have to do something about it after returning back to Kolkata, which is finalized.

For my friends, ever since I created the id, which I will keep as it is allowing me to read till date and of course like the posts :) I have been reading your works and trying to comment on them too, once in a blue moon the lousy internet connection of airtel is allowing me that heavenly pleasure but mostly not. So I will be back to full form by 23rd I hope, you wont be reading my 170×170 till I am back because I forgot to schedule for the whole month lo! lucky that I scheduled till 20th before my connection crashed on 15th.

Have a wonderful time.

Love and hugs.

sermistabasu is staying for the time being

My prime internet connection is still comatose, it is working but like nightmare, I don’t know why but it is going on like this since 15th, so I have been trying to use an unsafe connection and gathering url of my regular readers there, give me some time, I will be reading your works from there because this connection is allowing me to read and answer my comments from the blog but not allowing to open my own posts to see, forget about posts of others.

So don’t think I have become queen of India all of a sudden, I am just a poor victim of my own internet connection’s monstrosity.

Anyway, you guys don’t write much, so I will be able to manage quite nicely from that blog till my internet connection feels pity on me. I wonder when!

love and hugs.