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Honestly, I did created this blog to read and comment, it is allowing me to read in 10% cases but when it comes to opening blogs and commenting in them it is an absolute failure, I don’t know if it is airtel’s specialty or the reception here is disgusting but I guess I will have to do something about it after returning back to Kolkata, which is finalized.

For my friends, ever since I created the id, which I will keep as it is allowing me to read till date and of course like the posts :) I have been reading your works and trying to comment on them too, once in a blue moon the lousy internet connection of airtel is allowing me that heavenly pleasure but mostly not. So I will be back to full form by 23rd I hope, you wont be reading my 170×170 till I am back because I forgot to schedule for the whole month lo! lucky that I scheduled till 20th before my connection crashed on 15th.

Have a wonderful time.

Love and hugs.

For Tagore Rabikare agnishatdal 1

Well, ever since reading in an article how English is slowly replacing vernacular languages I decided to try the two I know, Bengali and Hindi, Now, I don’t have a software that wont meddle with my computer and allow me to write in Hindi or Bengali so I tried another style, simply writing and taking photographs, that will perfectly fit with my style of poems mingled with paintings, so this is the first book of that style, at first Bengali poem, then English poem capturing its inner meaning. I have not used translation, so that those who are Bengali will be able to enjoy all 70 poems.

The first one is being published right now, today is Tagore’s birthday as per English calendar, 7th May 1861, we Bengalis celebrate his birthday on 25th Boisakh, that will fall, as usual on 9th May, by then the book will be out and I will share the links.

Its name is “For Tagore- Rabikare Agnishatdal”

1 english

1 IMG_0020

Thursday Rhymes 27.8.15

Let me be the candle in your hand
when you are walking
you certainly can keep me in your bag
when it is daylight
but just don’t leave me behind
keep me with you
when it is darkness
let me fill up your heart with hope
let me remind you there is always light
and that light just shows you path
you are the one that walks
and choses the right one in maze!

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