“The Charons” – my latest book

Well, this book was published on 23.1.15, but due to my relocation business and internet unavailability business I had to wait for THIS LONG to announce it.

As always it is as paperback in createspace:


and ebook in kindle

some priceless reviews by friends:

the charons

beautiful world

sunset 20.3.15

blazing sun scorched the sky
fireballs shot in every direction
invisible to eyes
but too powerful to be ignored by body.
the evening comes
the same sun blushes red
birds heading for nest
fill up the sky
singing sweet songs
so peaceful, serene, tranquil.

My latest book:


the charons

Do you believe?

Sky 7.3.15 I7


Do you believe?
that there is a world,
which human mind
even though it is good
is not good enough to capture?
That there may be powers
or beings that human mind
cant analyze or capture
in science laboratories?
Then believe!
Let the windows of your mind
be open, let things come in
don’t seal them
using barricades
made by your own mind
or the mind of others.
Believe if your heart says so!


my latest book:


Sites to flaunt as a struggling author

There is no harm in a little flaunting, is it? Well, it really takes a lot to catch the attention of sites, I am really glad that some sites have listed my books in their sites, under my name ;)


Review: The Charons is dark but brilliantly weaved

sharmishtha basu:

Thanks a million times Vishal

Originally posted on Vishal Bheeroo:

Book Review: The Charons

Rating: Four Stars

Credit: Sharmistha Basu

Sharmistha’s Basu The Charons is no candy floss story where everything falls in place at the end of the day but one that paints the bad and the ugly. Reality can be damaging and this is what the author explores in her take of the dark side of life. The Charons is a story of a small town girl, Urna in Calcutta who moves for better life in Raajsthan but witness the deception of her loved ones. It’s the story of her struggle in a world ridden by corruption and treachery by the ones she considers close to her.


The Charons is not just a story but a sad and dark reality that many of us faces in some far off corner in the world. The system is infested with vultures who conspire to destroy lives. At one glance:…

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I have tried to enable the two step authentication in two of my blogs already, I want the sms option, so I added my phone number, that was saved but after trying for the umpteenth time I did not received THE CODE that will enable the service.

I have tried to raise the issue in forum, and have tried to send message to “happiness engineers” hope someone will give me some answer and enable my phone number as my second option to get my passwords in case my bizarre acting email accounts betray me!

I will be really, really grateful guys!

The charons: the ferrymen to hell [by Sharmishtha Basu]

sharmishtha basu:

Thanks Troy.

Originally posted on The Call of Troythulu:

snap26-11-14I’ve been following Ms. Sharmishtha Basu’s blogs and writings for some years now, and I’ve just finished reading this. It is perhaps the grimmest story I’ve read in a while. It’s dark realism is different in both style, outlook, and execution from the paranormal fiction she also writes. A story of life in India, it does not paint a pretty picture, but offers a warning, along with the discoveries and hard-fought lessons of the protagonist at the end. Trapped in a web of human darkness and deceit, she claws her way to the light, seeking the answers she needs. As the authoress herself says, this is the story that made her a writer, and one of my favorites as well.

for the Kindle on Amazon

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The Charons

sharmishtha basu:

Thanks David

Originally posted on The Green-Walled Tower:

This is a true story, although it’s not mine. It is a story of betrayal, malice, and harassment. It’s a story of family poison and co-worker acid.

It is the story of the experiences of blogger and author Sharmishtha Basu, who has just released this book entitled the Charons. I asked her a few questions about the book and how she works as a writer.

copyright Sharmishtha Basucopyright Sharmishtha Basu

David: Is this a true story?

Sharmishtha: It is more of a journal than a story. Everything that is written has happened, but in a lot more horrible way. I just don’t have the mental strength to bare my soul to everyone.

D: When did you first decide to write this story?

S: In 2001, after returning from hell. I decided I would share my experience to warn others in crystal clear words. In the next ten years my tormentors made…

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