Thursday Rhymes 27.7.17

White sand on river bank spreads for miles
Old banyan tree grows on one side,
has been standing there for centuries
Its surrounded by trunks that once were aerial roots,
They cluster around the old tree like young sentinels,
guarding an old king on throne.
The river is shallow but wide, crystal water sparkles
in moonlight, one can see the fishes swimming during daylight.
Men and beast can easily cross her on foot.
In summer dogs swim in her water for hours, sometimes they
sit down in the water for a little respite.
Kids play in her water for hours, there is no fear for drowning,
thus no adult supervision, it’s all childish and rowdy fun.
There is no scope for fishermen in summer, winter, though they try
to take their boat to deeper spots, where a little hole has stored
a little extra water, there they throw their nets and wait.
The farmers carry their vegetables in small baskets to the town
on the other side of the river.

Thursday Rhymes 20.7.17

Lies are cunning little rascals, like mice they multiply,
allow a pair to live on your tongue, soon they will make you run!
They will multiply in a speed that will sooner or later make you regret,
the minute when you allowed them to land on your tongue!
No matter how smart you are or you think you are,
Sooner or later your lies will be exposed and truth will come out.
Now, if they are harmless lies, you will be lucky one, people will just guffaw,
call you a silly fool or little cuckoo and move on with a smile or scorn.
But if you had some agenda behind those lies, you will be surprised
at the speed in which your bad reputation will fly, how quickly people
will walk away from you as if you are a disease contagious,
you will be sitting alone, regretting why you said the first lie and then
like a fool said the second to keep it a secret allowed them to multiply.