Goodreads Group Sharmishtha Basu’s Indie Adda, join us!

After much thinking I decided to start a group in Goodreads, I really like that platform, it is a very good place for readers and writers.

Now, I have one simple goal behind opening that group, to bring authors and readers together, so that they can contact each other for books, reviews etc.

Same for Authors and bloggers too, they too can do the same, contact each other for books, reviews, interviews.

If goodreads allows then it will stay that way. Join me if you too are hunting high and low for reviews like I am for Agnishatdal and Agnijaat. Most groups in Goodreads don’t allow review swap, I allowed that, hope goodreads wont mind!

The group address:

Indie Adda’s facebook group

Indie Adda’s facebook page



Want me as a guest blogger, author for your site?

TRhymes 4.8.16

Write to me in and send a copy to, please! Because I am not very comfortable with gmail’s performance but use it because a lot of things don’t work well in Hotmail.

I am open to both- paid and unpaid, but before you do write that mail let me tell you a few things-

1. I don’t travel at all so no travel blogging for me.

2. I am a perfect nightmare and laughing stock of fashion conscious people and I like that because I will rather be what I am than a mannequin without a soul who thinks polishing her body makes her a goddess and others puny little laughing stock. So no beauty tips from me!

3. I am tech blind- so no tech posts from this woman!

4. I am almost allergic to blood, gore, violence, porn, excessive animal urges so… no gothic, porn etc. for this writer.

What I love to write about?


Nature in its all beauty- good, bad and ugly.

Human beings in their all colours- from sweet to monstrous.

I am a bit preachy, but not on religion, on making us a better human beings by real, followable examples, lessons.

I love to lift spirits of others but again, rationally.

I love to illustrate using my own photographs and Microsoft paintbrush, once in a millennium paint palette and actual brushes.

I love writing stories, poems and articles.

If you have an offer for me what are you waiting for?

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At present I am a proud part of

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Agnishatdal the Ezine:

At present I cant pay you anything money-wise but will try to share the glory of Agnishatdal (the Ezine) with all its creators. You can check out the blog for further ideas, rules and things like that.

Indie Adda the open platform for Indie bloggers:

I am planning to start a guest author section in Indie Adda ( in September, depending on the contents I get, if they are satisfactory enough!

This again will be for free (money-wise) at present but I will try to spread your name for sure. So if you have something you want to say to Indie writers, self published writers send me and ALWAYS COPYRIGHT YOUR WORKS BEFORE SENDING THEM TO ME (OR ANYONE) – EVERY CREATIVE ARTIST SHOULD BE WARY OF HACKERS, PLAGIARISTS!

Book Trailer for Caboodle & The Whole Kit

so today is the D Day!! All the best!

KC Books & Music

Time’s running away with us folks… October 25th will soon be here, so I thought if only proper to get on with a few things for my upcoming release: Caboodle & The Whole Kit.

Here’s my trailer on Vimeo to wet your appetite… Enjoy!

You can learn even more about Caboodle here: Caboodle & The Whole Kit

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Spontaneous watercolour/gouache painting plus assorted palettes.

a splash of magnificent colours!

My Life as an Artist (2)

“The creative process is all about experimenting, letting go of the logical information that our brains have processed during our lifetimes, and embracing the concept of seeing our world in a much broader sense”    Janet Weight Reed – The Apple Exercise

This image is about being spontaneous – not being governed by an imagined outcome.  a case of going with the flow.…...watercolour/gouache20-11-15-1-510

I began with a mix of burnt sienna and prussian blue to make the darks, along with glorious Winsor & Newton Green Gold – a wonderfully transparent pigment.


Working very fast and using an old image as a  ‘jumping off point’ I begin to build up the whole composition.

All white areas are dry white paper…..


Continuing to work rapidly, I start to build up the image..using a mix of transparentwatercolour and opaque designer gouache.      I use a knife to…

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thanks and love.

KC Books & Music

snap26.11.14I interviewed the wonderful Sharmishtha, last December. I can’t believe it’s been that long ago to be honest. Feels like just a few weeks. This could be due to the fact that her interview was so popular, she won the Author of the Month Spotlight and had her book highlighted on my blog for a whole month in February this year!😀😀😀  Here’s: Sharmishtha’s Interview

Spirits of darkness and light


sharmishtha basu


Spirits of darkness and light is a wonderful collaboration of fantasy short stories with characters both brooding and dark while others are mysterious and beautiful.


Sharmishtha’s stories are captivating. Her characters although purely original bring some of India’s mythological creatures to light with a style of writing that can only be attributed to that of a true mistress of story-telling. Nothing is what it seems as each incredible tale keeps you wondering what is…

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KAI Presents… Sharmishtha Basu!

Thanks a million times my dear friend!

KC Books & Music

Kev’s Author Interviews Presents:


Sharmishtha Basu


Well, I am a very ordinary human being, who stumbled upon the key to El Dorado when I started writing. My friends, who has always been the wind beneath my wings became the gentle breeze that fanned the flame ’til it became everlasting one. From an accidental writer I have become an obsessed writer and illustrator. I have published my works and am still hungry for more outlets. The reason my Ezines came to life is to provide an everlasting outlet and satisfy my hyperactive muse.
img_0025-sharmishtha-17-2-16-smMy hyperactive muse is inspired by everything- the cloud in sky, the stray cat snoozing on the rooftop across the road, the book I am reading, the song playing on music system or the movie I am watching… everything stirs my muse and quite often I shush her and forget what she was babbling. Then regret of…

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Book Trailer for Caboodle & The Whole Kit

Time’s running away with us folks… October 25th will soon be here, so I thought if only proper to get on with a few things for my upcoming release: Caboodle & The Whole Kit. Here&#8…

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Here ‘Tis

an amazing book!

Light Workers of the World


Yes, our first of many, Dear Ones,

Tomorrow’s End

(paperbook) is now available.

Yes indeed, Dear Hearts, we would delight in you reading our words of love.

Won’t you join with us in bringing the light to bear upon Earth, Dear Heart?

Not by bringing your brother, your sister into the light. No, Dear One, this is not how we shall bring the changes, necessary for advancement, into being.

Only by accepting yourself as the object of concern will we, one at a time, bring the new Fantasy for Earth into creation.

Many blessings, Dear Heart, many blessings.

© Carolyn Page 2016 – ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World 

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‘Changes’, Our New Book

Wish you the very best!

Light Workers of the World

Changes, is our new book, Dear Ones. It comprises many new understandings for those who wish to know the truth. Yes indeed, Dear Hearts; Changes, has been completed this day. However, Dear Hearts, it will not be published until October of this year, 2016.


Whilst our Dear Ones, Veronica and her mother, our dearest, Carolyn were enjoying their weekly luncheon, we advised them of a number of things; indeed we did. Did we not, dearest?

Yes you did; this is true.

And what did we advise, dearest?

You advised Veronica to prepare to write. That is; you advised her that she is to be a leader, in time to come, and for this she needed to prepare mentally.

And what was her response, dearest?

Her response was a knowing that this was right for her; though, she did have just a slight tinge of fear.

And why was this…

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