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Paypal Account is finally up and running, so let me bore you a bit by repeating myself. Agnijashatadalama from now on will announce the books available for sale via paypal- directly or indirectly. The site will spruce up before 1.1.18.

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I will be waiting for your comments about the books available and the blog’s looks after 1st January 2018!
Wish me luck and join me there!

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Agni (sharmishtha basu) Talks about Movie and Music 12.2.18 Richard Clayderman

Richard Clayderman (born Philippe Pages) took birth on 28th December 1953 in Paris, he learned piano from his father, a piano teacher, by the time he was twelve he was accepted in conservatoire de paris where he won great recognition in years to come. Financial problems caused by his father’s illness forced him to give up on his dream of becoming a classical pianist and take up the job of a bank clerk. He played with french singers like Johnny Hallyday.

In 1976 he was invited by Olivier Toussaint a french record producer to record a gentle piano ballad, Paul De Senneville has composed a ballad for his daughter Adeline, 23 year old Pages was picked up and rechristed as Richard Clayderman-Toussaint said he was an interesting musician with very soft touch- the ballad was “Balled pour Adeline” and it sold 22 million copies in 38 countries.

He lives in Saint Ouean France, a northern suburb of Paris with his wife Typhaine whom he married in 2010. He has a daugher (Maud) from his first wife Rosaline, and a son (Peter) from his second wife Christine.

Well I don’t know if you have heard his music, all I can say is he is pure magic- like a few other artists like Gheorghe Zamfir his was love at first listening too, I heard his “French melodies” cassette in 1987 or 1988 I don’t know if it is an album or compilation by Indian cassette company but it had ten pieces and since 1987 I have been listening to them, and never get tired of them! They are amazing! So are all his other pieces! Now please don’t ask me their names, French and Latin are same to me!

I really don’t think that you have never heard him, if you have not had the chance to listening to this magical maestro- try now!
I will be posting pieces from Agnishatdal and Agnijaat here, if you like them and check out the Ezines you can now buy them from two spots:

1. directly from paypal (each issue costs $1

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Few talks about some favorite stars, irrespective of their field of music, art.
They are collected from various sites or are just my view of them. You will know
the difference when you read the post, most are from wikipedia.

These are from the fun section of the Ezines.

I dont know, being me I may have missed mentioning it, do remember one thing,
as you read these works, some of these are my personal views and whatever data,
you see in these are collected from various sites of internet, mostly
wikipedia, and quite often from the sites of the artists

You know I dont know everything right? I am just a student who is sharing her
notes with you!


My patreon profile- if you like my works!

Why will you become my patrons and spend your hard earned money? Well I have four reasons and one extra one! Honestly I can’t promise you the next David Copperfield or Harry Potter but if you are a regular reader of my blogs then I can hope that you like the things I write, paint! Now, I can quite clearly see that you have already noticed that I am reposting my old works since last year, the new works are being included in my books in Amazon and Patreon, later, when I will be able to save my dreams from “Great Indian Red Tapes” they will be available in Agnijashatadalama too!

But if you truly admire my works and want to check out my fresh works, which you can guess are far better than the ones I wrote or painted in 2012… please become my patrons in Patreon and help me become financially self dependent through my own creativity! The things I will gift you in return of your priceless generosity:

If you pledge $1 per month Agnijaat every month
If you pledge $2 per month Agnijaat, Agnishatdal every month
If you pledge $3 per month Agnijaat, Agnishatdal, Agnimalya every month
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If you pledge $5 per month Agnijaat, Agnishatdal, Agnimalya, Sharmishtha Basu’s Paint and Brush and glimpses of my upcoming books in form of another mini book every month.

You know about Agnishatdal and Agnijaat, Agnimalya contains stories and Sharmishtha Basu’s Paint and Brush contains you can guess fully illustrated works of any possible type I can create!

Will love to see you there! Believe me!

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