Thursday Rhymes 25.5.17

If you think he is a fool to fall for a woman as cunning as coot,
Well, you are right… you can try to convince him he is wrong.
But at the end, remember one thing, people have a strange
tendency to pick up the mate they deserve at the end.
Or they finally pick up the mate they think they deserve.
All the warning, all the manipulation from friends and foes
may absolutely fail, or may temporarily see success!
But, mostly at the end of the story, it happens most of the times,
man picks up exactly what he was meant to pick up!
The mate he thought he was worthy of, or the mate he deserved.
All the words of wisdom, guidance, all the cunning manipulations,
maneuvering tricks may yield a big zero when it comes to picking up
another man’s lover or spouse, so when you feel like a fool,
or are sure you are banging your head to a wall, just walk away,
Let him decide.

Thursday Rhymes 18.5.17

He rode on stallion white, mane dancing in rhythm to gallop
Looked like foam on wave’s crest.
Moonlight made them shine like pearl, wind played with them.
Too many miles to go before he could rest, his stallion was tired too,
So he slowed him down to a trot to give him the breather he needed,
Had he thundered past the place he might have missed it,
One vision that changed his life forever.
She stood there bathed in moonlight, her body fair seemed
Made of rays of moon, her silver hair was softly blowing in wind,
But her face and body were full of youth, to tell him she was no maiden
of human race, she was a creature of mystic land, maybe a fae.
His horse stopped when her presence it felt, mesmerized like rider.
He stepped down from the horse, the maiden turned hearing the rustle,
next second there was nothing left in that field but moonlight
she melted into it as if she was never there.


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