Agnishatdal and Agnijaat 2nd quarterlies will be published on 1st february

Agnishatdal and Agnijaat 2nd quarterlies on 1st Feb 2017

Are you thinking about them? Well they will be up on 1st February, if things stay the way they are now. Alongwith them, you will be checking out two of my old books in new form, that is their names will be same, and so will be their paperback version, but the ebooks will be changed, almost completely.

Black Mist and other stories
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Why 1st February? That is because it is Saraswatipuja 🙂 The country will be worshipping Mother Goddess Saraswati, giver of knowledge, wisdom, art and other lovely things, so will I.

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Oh Kolkata!

Well, you know these words have been itching inside me for quite a few years – ever since I shifted to South Kolkata I believe, after the few month stay in north Kolkata (right after leaving burdwan).

Kolkata people do think that they are very decent, the reality is they were very decent, that was before communist regime, I have seen both communist and trinamul regime, they are equally disgusting to women. Even though communist supporters try to say that Trinamul is worse, but I just will never agree with them! Believe me! If you ask me I think latter is better, after all they did not turned the state into a dustbin, in cold blood. You have to be an ordinary woman to know these b****

So, what do you think of this series? Can I share a poem every week? with this title? Fridays will be fine 🙂

Do leave a comment if you think they are good.

Oh Kolkata! POEM 1

Guess it is high time that I dedicate my version to this place, I wonder if it was instinct, sixth sense or something more powerful that made me hate this city when I was younger, then for a very brief span of time I made myself belief that this city is good to women, that is, after I returned from Jodhpur and faced the shit that followed me to Burdwan and made my living there impossible, then I started believing that Calcutta is nice to single women. Then I lived in Hyderabad for 11 months and absolutely changed my mind about Bengalis and Kolkata folks. One poem wont be enough, my new neighbourhood is stimulating! so help me into venting out! 🙂

Once I was red,
then I became green,
now it is time to become red again.
The common people are dumb,
they think
times changed
those stupids don’t know,
time never changed,
we changed colours and made them believe
that time has changed,
now it is time again
to change the colours
and we will convince them again
that time has changed.
They do believe us
gullible fools!
That is how
our kind rules.

Wipe out every tree Mr. Modi!


Fifty-five-year-old Gautam Adani is not just amongst the richest Indians – being the owner of Adani Group that among other things operates India’s largest private port and is India’s largest private electricity producer – but he is also perhaps the most powerful and politically influential man in the country.

His rise has corresponded with that of Narendra Modi. Their cordial relation has come under much public scrutiny and yet it has flourished despite critical attacks from opposition. The mutually beneficial relation has again come under the scanner with the Business Standard reporting how Rs 200 crore fine on Adani has been withdrawn by the Prakash Javadekar-led environment ministry.

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