Black Mist and other stories in Barnes and Noble

Black Mist and other stories – A collection of darkest stories I have written I guess, at-least a big slice of them.

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Butterflies from life’s garden 9




poem 9


You called me up to share your joy
The naïve creation of an amateur
I saw only faults in that painting
Which took hours to complete.

I came back feeling like a victor
Now when I look back I am ashamed,
Your white face, quivering lips haunt me,
If only I could hold your hands, repent!

25.05.09, Garia, Kolkata

The prisoner of Sand Castle in Barnes and Noble

The prisoner of Sand Castle- A collection of fantasy and other genre stories.

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Tell me a story in Barnes and Noble

Tell me a story a collection of self-illustrated micro stories-

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moments from the journey 9




poem 9


A beautiful angel caught
the fancies of a dark demon.
The demon wooed her but
she refused his love with scorn.

The furious demon snatched her away
from her land of love,
innocence and happiness to
the land of guilt, lust and greed.

The fairy tried hard to hit
all the hands grabbing at her,
to prove the unworthiness of lust
her heart filled up with anguish.

Every day the demon would visit
and ask her if she was ready to give in.
Every time he was met with the same hatred,
and after every failed visit he returned more enraged.

One night the fairy had a dream,
God has come down to help her.
She told her in a voice full
of love and compassion that she is wrong.

She is not wrong in her chastity
or her refusal to surrender to darkness.
Her mistake is hitting back at a mighty foe.
When she is lonely, first she should be strong.

Songbird sings to Sun in Barnes and Noble

Songbird Sings to sun- A collection of my special style poems “seven”, self-illustrated.

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