Butterflies from Life’s garden




poem 1


Once a fairy charmed a demon
He wanted her with him she did not,
His desperate eagerness was shunned
He never knew how to control himself
Nor did he thought it was needed
For he thought she was to be grateful
As a mighty demon was in love with her.

He harrowed and bothered her to no end
But she stayed just the way she was
First she ignored and then she grew cold,
Once her friends asked her if she will ever regret
For not giving in to him for he will not let her live
a life of peace and love, he will stalk her forever
the fairy told her friends their paths are never to merge,
compromise to evil for any reason opens door to hell.

25.05.09, Garia, Kolkata

poem 2


A wild gust blew away a dazzling paper rose
Away from her vase to a garden of roses
The paper flower scorned the real ones
Said your colours are so dull and bland.

All of a sudden a butterfly came flying
The paper rose told him “Come to me!”
“For I am the most beautiful one here.”
The butterfly sighed, “Yes, but you have no honey!”

25.05.09, Garia, Kolkata

poem 3


Beauty without love, chastity is in vain,
Heart without music and humility is a waste,
Eyes that can’t see light in darkness
Ears that can’t hear the silent strain
Soul without values, ethics, God’s love
These are all paper roses bright
Looking just like real roses but
Missing the scent, life and nectar.

25.05.09, Garia, Kolkata


poem 4

A prince loved a charming princess
The princess was too scared to commit
The prince kept wooing her for long
Finally he lost his affection for her.

He mistook the innocent girl’s fear as vanity
And made up his mind to teach her humility
He won the faith and affection of his stable hand
Convinced him that the princess has tricked him!

Then he decked him up with the best garb,
Sent him to meet the princess who has never seen him,
He used the prince’s name as his own, they fell for each other,
The prince coaxed him to play with her heart.

But after a while the impostor realized he has sinned,
It was the prince who was trickster not the lady.
His conscience made his life a living hell,
He could neither flirt, woo nor could he tell the true tale.

25.05.09, Garia, Kolkata

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