Meghparir Gaan song of clouds

book 23 meghparir gaan cover

This is my second benglish aka Bengali+English book, the poems and illustrations are inseparable, to serve them in full colours I chose ebook only style, there are no paperbacks for this series of Benglish books, they will be only in kindle.

Meghparir Gaan song of clouds
By Sharmishtha Basu

poem 11 IMG_0017

poem 11 IMG_0017 english

poem 10 IMG_0016

poem 10 IMG_0016 english

poem 10 english

poem 9 IMG_0015

poem 9 english

poem 8 IMG_0013

poem 8 english

poem 7 IMG_0012

poem 7 english

poem 6 IMG_0011

poem 6 english

poem 5 IMG_0010

poem 5 english

poem 4 IMG_0009

poem 4 english

poem 3 IMG_0008

poem 3 english

poem 2 IMG_0007

poem 2 english

poem 1 IMG_0007

poem 1 english