my photography addiction!

Well, lately I am addicted with photography, ever since bro gifted me with a canon powershot on my 2018 birthday.

I hope you like what you see! 🙂

4 thoughts on “my photography addiction!

  1. Now I have three pseudonyms! The pseudonym demon seems to have arrived in me after leaving you. You’re lucky you didn’t become a space alien also ~ like me. This is ridiculous!

      1. I know! I’m like a kid in the back of the classroom shooting spitballs instead of raising my hand. A three-fold self-identity crisis! Thank you so much, Ms. Basu, for your wisdom & guidance. You’re an angel!!!

      2. ha! I used to be a last-bencher for two years of my schooling, but I painted sketches and designs while the poor teachers tried to teach the students some words of knowledge.

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