spirits of darkness and light

spirits of darkness and light

ISBN-13: 978-1505310948 (CreateSpace-Assigned)
ISBN-10: 1505310946
BISAC: Fiction / Fantasy / General




She touched the stone and a strange sensation filled up her senses. She felt like a surge of energy passed into her from that stone. The earth underneath her feet shook or was it the stone? She shook her head, everything was alright, the stone was just a stone. She placed it in her bag and turned to go. Someone was standing at the mouth of the cave.


Her eyes were burning like coal. She felt someone has plucked out her eyes when she was sleeping and has stuffed to burning coals in their place. Her whole body was aching by the pain caused by them. “Don’t open your eyes princess.” It was her nanny. “Keep them closed, let me apply the anointments.”


The first feeling that struck her was they were in the middle of nowhere. If something happens no one will come anywhere near this mansion after evening. They can’t go anywhere because their car is gone and they will inevitably lose their path in the woods.

Ghosts or not wild beasts and snakes are bound to be found in there, dwelling safely in the safe haven of those miles of woods.


After the noisy afternoon and evening the night was eerily silent, all they could hear was loud monotonous chorus of crickets and occasional hoot of an owl.

The darkness outside the window was so intense that she felt she could reach out and touch it, and it too can reach out and grab her.

A shudder ran down her spine.


“I heard that part and have been doing that ever since Gangabai told you to teach me that, BTW spirit you can’t teach me anything, actually I will have to teach you a lot of things, one of them is we can both disappear, change our shapes, become invisible and more, so can you, but I am gifted by birth and you have to wake that power up. I do my hunting as a wolf or any other predator common here, as it is not a safe place.” Ruby looked at her with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

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