Tell me a story

Tell me a story

ISBN-13: 978-1502955388 (CreateSpace-Assigned)
ISBN-10: 1502955385
BISAC: Fiction / General


masked woman

“Ask me to dance!” she whispered huskily.

His heart missed a beat. She was the head-turner of the room. The beauty in red. He knew a very beautiful face was hidden behind the wooden mask, the second he heard her voice.


The whirlpool sucked him in, in the dark belly of ocean. He struggled hard for breath. Some figures gathered around him, he could see their fangs shining in that darkness. A finger poked him hard in his ribs.
“This one is too skinny! Only skin and bone…” He heard a whistle like shrill voice. “Let’s net the next one, let this one go!”


The residents of that small town woke up in the morning. Some of them checked their watches to confirm it was morning- ten in the morning. Most of them have overslept for hours- all the creatures were silent- not a single bird was chirping. A monstrous looking cloud has covered the sky, everyone started to think that the judgment day has arrived!

Then it started to rain… cows with wings… they came down mooing from the sky. Once on earth they started stampede- flying from one roof to the other! They managed to shoo them away but are still repairing the damages caused by their naughty hooves!


He has called his boss, telling him about the condition, his request for delay was blown off as usual. “Excuses don’t work at your desk… be there on time!”

He watched the man in front of him, another hapless creature walking cautiously, holding his briefcase in his hand. They were barely a few inches apart from each other, or else that cursed mist would have swallowed him too!

They were midway in the bridge when all of a sudden another sun popped up right beside the one already shining, they both saw two sets of huge, razor like teeth as big as themselves… “Gotcha!” a thunderous roar was followed by a slurping sound… the bridge was empty waiting for next clerk


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