The child of woods

The child of woods
ISBN-13: 978-1505310283 (CreateSpace-Assigned)
ISBN-10: 1505310288
BISAC: Fiction / Fantasy / General


“I served the prince in a platter to you. But you had to marry the vagabond.” Rompuss growled. “Now you come to me whining every alternate day, telling me how badly the vagabond thrashes you around.” Goldie stood there, head lowered, silent, knowing that there was no use arguing with mommy.


A horrible stench woke her up, as if someone has thrown her into a stable while she was sleeping. She opened her eyes. A full sized donkey was sleeping on the bed with her. She jumped out of the bed and her eyes fell on the adjoining bed. A baby donkey was sleeping on that. She started screaming.


All of a sudden he realized how silent it was.

No crickets, no night birds, nothing only his own crazy breathing and her calm breath.


No crickets, no night birds, nothing only his own crazy breathing and her calm breath.

She grabbed his hand. It was ice cold and wet.


She knew her mother had every reason to be angry, furious. She brought them both up with the best tuitions in witchcraft and sorcery. When she was seventeen she took her to the local palace and introduced her to Perfecton. Perfecton was instantly bewitched by her beauty and her mother’s sorcery.

She did not like the prince. He was too ordinary for her taste. Since childhood she has dreamt of a handsome husband, just like the man she was secretly meeting at that time, Roguer. She was carrying her child already a fact she did not dared to tell her mother.

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