Thursday Rhymes 22.6.17

Is not he that man, who you heard preaching the virtues
of love, kindness, forgiveness and all good things?
The man that is baying for the blood of the monster
who ruined his favorite garden?
Where did that preaching mode go? Where did that
deep faith in love, kindness, forgiveness disappeared?
When it came to the hurt, destruction of others,
he was the first one to sing songs of virtues,
how angels forgive, weak hearts have not the power!
How forgiveness is sign of man, without it a heart is stone,
now he is sitting there, frothing from mouth, cursing his heads off,
plotting fifty plots to settle his score!
Just because some monster ruined his flowers, tore them to pieces
and flattened plants to ground!
You can still hear him preaching forgiveness to those whose lives
have been destroyed like his favorite garden, ripped to pieces, crushed
ruined beyond repair. How loudly he preached them!
How opinions change when victims change, when others hurt some
never feel the pain.

Thursday Rhymes 15.6.17

Ah the wicked wicked wolf, shrewd as one can be,
She trots with the sheep, wearing one’s skin.
That poor lamb was her first kill, too gullible for own sake.
She devoured her, chewed her to the last bone and then
suddenly the idea popped up in her mind, what if…
What if she wore its skin and trotted with the sheep.
When the shepherd was not watching she may lure one,
to take a walk with her to far away meadow where grass was greener.
Oh that will be so delicious, sooner or later a fool will fall,
and take that last walk with her, that will mean meal for few days,
then she will resume her post.
Till date she lives with herd of sheep, hops from one herd to other.
To avoid being branded as suspicious and preys on the innocents.
Using their gullible trusting nature she gets her prey without a fuss,
no hunting, no toil required only treachery and cunning!
That suits her quite well.

Thursday Rhymes 8.6.17

Light sparkles in her eyes when she looks at you,
As if two stars are shining in those eyes
That look through you.
They don’t say anything, nor do the lips
But you have the deepest feeling that they know,
They can see through you, as if your heart, soul
Is an open book, and every feeling that you have
Is written on them, she gently sifts through the pages
Reading each and every word, understanding it all,
Dark hearts feel unsteady in her presence,
Afraid that she can read their intentions they cower.
Hurting hearts feel reassurance by her single glance,
Knowing deep within that she can feel their pain.
Loving hearts warm up in her proximity
Knowing their heart rhythms with her heart full of love.
Tormented hearts discover peace in her face,
That tells them not to worry, the night may be dark,
Wind might be howling, thunder roaring
the path may be scary but soon it will end
and they will reach their tavern to rest.

Thursday Rhymes 1.6.17

Motherly affection is not a gadget available on hire,
You can’t make a woman feel “motherly”,
Lucky indeed it is for the society that most women are born
mothers, it’s simply inside them, it comes to them by nature!
Then again often they are brought up that way,
they are too scared to say it out loud that they don’t feel like one.
They just don’t have that thing in them, gushing on every child that
comes their way, they hide it because they know the scorns they will face,
if they go around telling they prefer their lap empty, not because they hate,
but because they are not interested to have a kid on their lap.
So they fall in the rhythm with the society, wear the mask it wants them to wear.
Better watch out if you truly suffer from the complex,
that motherhood is an automatic, spontaneous and universal power.
You may end up with a nanny or a crib killer, better check out before you bargain.

Thursday Rhymes 18.5.17

He rode on stallion white, mane dancing in rhythm to gallop
Looked like foam on wave’s crest.
Moonlight made them shine like pearl, wind played with them.
Too many miles to go before he could rest, his stallion was tired too,
So he slowed him down to a trot to give him the breather he needed,
Had he thundered past the place he might have missed it,
One vision that changed his life forever.
She stood there bathed in moonlight, her body fair seemed
Made of rays of moon, her silver hair was softly blowing in wind,
But her face and body were full of youth, to tell him she was no maiden
of human race, she was a creature of mystic land, maybe a fae.
His horse stopped when her presence it felt, mesmerized like rider.
He stepped down from the horse, the maiden turned hearing the rustle,
next second there was nothing left in that field but moonlight
she melted into it as if she was never there.

Thursday Rhymes 11.5.17

“Every evil I have committed, I have done them for my daughters,”
“Every mother hopes and prays that her daughter will become a queen!”
“Oh tell me oh vile creature what sin have I done by doing my best?”
“To win the hand of the best groom in my eyes for her!”
“You stole him from another!” the creature growled.
“But she was not his type, you see my girl is more pretty,
that girl is no good at all, he would have regretted his decision,
had I not intervened.” She whined.
“The choice was not yours to make!” was the beast’s reply.
“But I did it not for myself, only for my daughter!”
“You betrayed a girl after befriending her, feigning to be her friend,
Well wisher you penetrated her life, dug out every think you thought
would have been useful for you to use against her, just tell me one thing woman
did your soul ever scorned you?” the creature asked with an evil glint in his eyes.

Thursday Rhymes 4.5.17

Five year old wanted to become an engine driver,
She dreamt of standing behind the wheels
Watching the mountains and hills passing by
Sleepy little villages and busy towns falling behind
She imagined it was all just joy and fun
Travelling across the world as a part of the job.
Fifteen years old wanted to become a pilot
Soaring in the seventh sky, playing with clouds
Watching the earth below like a chessboard laid.
Then came the realization that some things
Are not easy to get in old-fashioned world,
Yeah you can get them but you will have to fight hard,
In the end you may have to sacrifice too much,
Dreams became harmless like becoming a doctor,
Or maybe a high ranking officer
Who will live a cool life, will live by her own rules,
Have enough for herself, a little for others too,
A pet , a house and maybe a car too.
She will travel of-course but during the leaves,
Fly and travel as per life’s permission.