Meghparir gaan song of clouds

This is my second bilingual book, Bengali and English poems in sets, a Bengali poem then an English poem capturing its essence, not translation always, once in a while!

It is also only ebook in full colours in amazon, this will be my style from now on, this is much more fun I think! As usual I have done the illustrations myself, you will get it here:


poem 11 IMG_0017

poem 11 IMG_0017 english

poem 10 IMG_0016

poem 10 IMG_0016 english

poem 10 english

poem 9 IMG_0015

poem 9 english

poem 8 IMG_0013

poem 8 english

poem 7 IMG_0012

poem 7 english

poem 6 IMG_0011

poem 6 english

poem 5 IMG_0010

poem 5 english

poem 4 IMG_0009

poem 4 english

poem 3 IMG_0008

poem 3 english

poem 2 IMG_0007

poem 2 english

poem 1 IMG_0007

poem 1 english

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