The bridge of her dreams

The bridge of her dreams

ISBN-13: 978-1505309966 (CreateSpace-Assigned)
ISBN-10: 1505309964
BISAC: Fiction / Fantasy / General


It stepped out of the darkness. She tried to scream but could not, darkness gathered around her and she slumped on the ground. The thing picked her up with its gnarled, clawed hand and disappeared in the darkness. There was no one to see it or intervene. This was the price she paid for wandering alone in woods.


They skulked around her in the dark, damp cave, so unlike her world before full of sunshine and happiness. They knew the only thing that was keeping them from hurting her was her kidnapper. They were scary to her but they were scared of him. None had the guts to annoy him. The monster who snatched her away from her beautiful world and imprisoned her in hell.


She saw him from a distance. A sweet boy, hardly her age, sitting on a cloud and creating another one with a small straw, puckering his mouth and blowing through the straw and soon a fluffy white cloud formed he blew it towards east. It sailed and piled up with clouds about to form a white mountain there another one followed it then another.


She could not resist herself, “Why are you blowing all the clouds in one direction? People there will never be able to see the sun!” She looked exasperated by his naivety.

“They are my cloud, I will do whatever I want!” the boy said, and started to form another one.


“Every day I thrash you like a dog, still you don’t learn your lessons, do you?” he grabbed her hair to pull her out of the bed and got electrocuted.
He fell on the ground with a thud, dead his wife went out through the wall and flew, gently perched on the banyan tree nearby and started to hum a saucy tune, smiling widely.

His real wife was miles away, being consoled by her mother; the impostor was a ghost, she too was a dowry victim who was killed by her husband for a new car, she just wanted to have some fun.

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