crystal eyes

crystal eyes

ISBN-13: 978-1505309126 (CreateSpace-Assigned)
ISBN-10: 1505309123
BISAC: Fiction / Fantasy / General


“Is it mine” she chirped like a happy sparrow. He smiled and nodded. “The woman who sold it to me at a painful price told me it brings good fortune to its possessor.” He told his wife, looking at the glowing face of their daughter, “Well at-least it brings lot of happiness!”


“Now go and bring me some fruits. I will eat only if you serve me.” Her friend ordered, sitting smugly on the table beside her bed. “you know I can’t go there.” she sniffed, hoping it will melt her heart but it did not. “Yes you can and you will!”


The stone caught his eyes the minute he saw it lying in the velvet box. All the colours of rainbow were sparkling in it, in the faint light of the room. As if it captured invisible beauty of rays and made it visible in all seven colours. It was shaped like an eye. He wondered how will it look on a face, with that feeling of deep peace and tranquility that apparently was a part of it’s aura.


The hideous old man stood in the shadows, hidden by leaves, staring at the girl on the window. A beautiful young girl, full of purity and innocence. He wondered what will be the result of that obsession! Most probably that girl’s destruction because corrupted souls don’t give up chase till they reduce their prey to dust or dirt. A deep sigh rose from his heart and vanished in air, what is wrong with this country? Where people with one foot dangling in grave steal everything from youth? Even their right to love?

It was small but its hideous face was carved meticulously, it looked like a chimera- a mix of man and some beast with sharp teeth and horn. Two red stones were studded as its eyes. They gave you that eerie feeling which some artifacts give-their gazes are following your movements!
She was about to exclaim something negative but the joy on her uncle’s face sealed her mouth.

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