Some of my readers think I am ambitious, some may thing I am over enthusiastic, but honestly, I never thought about publishing my work, I always thought that writing is a very competitive line, it is filled with genius, look back, so many writers have written but only handful have made a living out of writing forget about becoming immortal through their works, but then my friends coaxed me into it. I published the first book, no I did not get hooked by it, but I decided that I will publish a set of about 26-28 books and then give it a break.

Maybe I will work on them, maybe I wont, I will just dedicate my time in giving them some publicity, but by October this year I will be done for the time-being, unless of-course you make some of them bestsellers and publishers beg me to write some more!

As there will be a set I should better list the story book pages here, and under this page for our convenience.

Bon appetite my dear readers!

Here they are:

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