For Tagore – Rabikare Agnishatdal

Well, ever since reading in an article how English is slowly replacing vernacular languages I decided to try the two I know, Bengali and Hindi, Now, I don’t have a software that wont meddle with my computer and allow me to write in Hindi or Bengali so I tried another style, simply writing and taking photographs, that will perfectly fit with my style of poems mingled with paintings, so this is the first book of that style, at first Bengali poem, then English poem capturing its inner meaning. I have not used translation, so that those who are Bengali will be able to enjoy all 70 poems.

The first one is being published right now, today is Tagore’s birthday as per English calendar, 7th May 1861, we Bengalis celebrate his birthday on 25th Boisakh, that will fall, as usual on 9th May, by then the book will be out and I will share the links.

Its name is “For Tagore- Rabikare Agnishatdal”


1 english

poem 1 IMG_0020

2 english

2 IMG_0022

3 english

3 IMG_0024

4 english

4 IMG_0025

5 english

5 IMG_0026

6 english

6 IMG_0027

7 english

7 IMG_0028

8 english

8 IMG_0029

9 english

9 IMG_0011

10 english

10 IMG_0012

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