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Agni (sharmishtha basu) Talks about Movie and Music 1.1.18 Anne Murray

I rather love the country songs, lot more than other genres of Western Music, for quite a handful reasons, which I know legends of other genres will understand if they stumble upon the writing of this insignificant authoress. Firstly we can understand them clearly, almost word to word, second they sort of stick to morality and as far as I remember I don’t remember hearing one country song with explicit meaning or undertone, the type you will have to rush from across the house to turn off, lower the volume so your parents won’t hear!

Anne Murray has been my favorite from the very first time I heard her first album, well in India the actual albums don’t come, most are greatest hits, so, the one I heard must have been one of them, it had a set of fabulous songs which I have forgotten (the index I mean) but some of them has lingered in mind, like a little good news, you needed me, snowbird, and many many more!

I really love her voice, its depth and sincerity plus her choice of lyrics too! Here is a little biography of this awesome singer from her own site, the photo is copied from there too!

Morna Anne Murray was born on June 20, 1945, in the small coal-mining town of Springhill, Nova Scotia. Her father, James Carson Murray, was the town doctor and her mother, Marion, was a registered nurse who decided to focus her life on raising her family.
By the time she was seven years old, she was singing all the time. For over 40 years, her unique voice and heartwarming style have made her a household name. She led the way for a generation of Canadian divas, who have also conquered the world – Celine Dion, Shania Twain, k.d. lang, Alanis Morissette and Sarah McLachlan. They all followed in her footsteps – Canada’s “Songbird”, Anne Murray.

Anne studied piano for six years. At age 15, she began taking classical voice lessons.

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