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AGNIJASHATADALAMA, PATREON, Shoptly and PAYPAL- The spots to buy Sharmishtha Basu’s digital creations

Paypal Account is finally up and running, so let me bore you a bit by repeating myself. Agnijashatadalama from now on will announce the books available for sale via paypal- directly or indirectly. The site will spruce up before 1.1.18.

now the urls of Agnijashatadalama:


email id is agnijashatadalama@hotmail.com and/or agnijashatadalama@gmail.com

I will be waiting for your comments about the books available and the blog’s looks after 1st January 2018!
Wish me luck and join me there!

If you want to encourage the struggling artist and writer with your huge-hearted generosity ( I absolutely will indirectly return your help via my creations which will be labeled as rewards but I will try to make them worth your dollar(s), if not you know where to contact!):


from here you will be able to indirectly buy the Ezines, and few other creations each month, by becoming my patrons.

You will also be able to buy my works via paypal, you will have to pay and order, you can pick up any work from patreon, payhip (if you cant directly buy from payhip or become my patron) and give me the list, pay the money and I will email you the pdf files:



You will see the details of the books listed in shoptly here:

again, you can buy those books via my paypal account too, pick up the titles, pay me via paypal and I will send you the pdf files.

Finally there is good old amazon: