Agni (sharmishtha basu) Talks about Movie and Music 21.5.18 coraline

Have you heard the song “runaway train” by Richard Marx, in which he shares the plight of kids that run away from home, to rebel or save themselves?

This story is sort of lighter reminder of that tragedy! I sort of liked it because of its background lesson.

A child craving for “perfect parents” and then she gets them to finally realize that things that are too good to be real are mostly not! Sometimes they can be very evil or deadly!

Parents should show this movie to their kids, a few times at least! Then explain too, by some real life examples.

Let me know what you thought of it after watching!


Agni (sharmishtha basu) Talks about Movie and Music 14.5.18 Tangled

This is another of my favorite Disney movies. In this the princess marries the crook after giving us a hilarious movie! Absolutely hilarious!

A captive princess out for some fun, chased by a wicked woman and a group of righteous soldiers because of her crook companion!

It ended well like fairytales, thank God! The thing I loved most about this movie is the amazing character Disney created- as the heroine of the movie!

She is one of the very best characters I have seen in movies, absolutely bewitching by her pure innocence!

Apart from her I loved the horse! Absolutely loved him! He is the star of the movie!

Let me know what you thought of it after watching!

Agni (sharmishtha basu) Talks about Movie and Music 7.5.18 Happily Never after

A fairytale we grew up with has been given a hilarious makeover! I quite enjoyed this movie. Even though I don’t share Disney’s disrespectful views towards Kings, queens and their kids but still, it is fun!

It is quite interesting though, Disney is not that against princesses, barring the fact that they always end up with crooks or dishwashers but Disney certainly is not fond of princes, they are mostly vain, very vain! They also mostly end up with laundry-maids though! But, you can’t have it all, can you? So putting aside the difference of opinion I really enjoyed this movie!

It is hilarious from one end to the other!

Let me know what you thought of it after watching!

Agni (sharmishtha basu) Talks about Movie and Music 30.4.18 The charade

I never imagined I will see two of my “the favorites” in one movie. The output was awesome! I am a huge fan of Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant and before watching “the charade” I did not even knew they have worked together.

I stumbled upon the movie accidentally and it left me wondering how come this movie disappeared with time! Honestly! I have seen quite a few mediocre movies of this era, it is not the case that old movies are not watched and enjoyed by people, especially Indians love black and white movies a lot.

So how come this extraordinary movie disappeared? I have not heard its name and I think I watch LOTS of English movies. There are movies I have not watched but have heard their names all the same but this one was not that case!

If you have the opportunity to dig it out and love really good thriller movies, watch it! You will love it I think!

I don’t think I will have to tell you how well Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant acted; there is no surprise in that! The fun part is the way we (at least I) was kept guessing about someone (it is a thriller movie so I wont tell you who) till the final scene.

Let me know after you watch it!

Agni (sharmishtha basu) Talks about Movie and Music 23.4.18 THE ECHO

The echo is a new movie, leading actors are Jesse Bradford, Amelia Warner- they are both fantastic actors I think, at least they performed really well in this movie!

The movie is a bit gruesome but it’s message is so powerful and touching that those who love movies (horror) with a good storyline, fantastic acting and other ingredients like editing etc may try this one! It is the heart-breaking story of nonchalance of people these days! How much we ignore in the name of “private lives of others”!

For once it is not a group of evil, spiteful ghosts who will torment and kill sympathetic hearts! Phew! Honestly when the movie ended I was pretty sure that they will harm the good Samaritans! They did not and that made me like the movie even more!

It is a very good movie in my scale, I hope this team will gift us with some more awesome works like this one! Hollywood these days is running out of excellent horrors- this one is an exception.

Share your views if you watched it….

Agni (sharmishtha basu) Talks about Movie and Music 16.4.18 Dead Zone

I am a huge fan of Christopher Walken. I have seen him in quite a handful of movies and in every single one of them I have absolutely loved his acting, even when he played “headless horseman with sharp teeth and insatiable lust for blood” in sleepy hollow. There are many actors in Hollywood I regretfully admit have been deprived of the limelight they so deserve! Christopher Walken is one of them I feel!

“The dead Zone” an adaptation of Stephen King movie is one of the happy exceptions where he has been given the leading role and he played that role magnificently proving he has been treated unjustly by the Goddess who gifts stars with success!

If you have not seen the movie and like mild horror movies with a very strong storyline and awesome acting may try this one. Being absolutely in my taste (excluding a few gruesome scenes) I quite liked it. Honestly I loved it most because Walken played the leading role!

Will I spoil the storyline? Just a bit! Because you will read the entire plot in internet I believe! It is a story of a normal man who goes into a coma and comes out of it losing almost everyone/thing he cared for and a “curse” in form of very powerful precognition! The types seen in movies only!

His struggle with his destroyed world and this “curse” is the story of the movie. Let me know your views on the movie if you have watched it or will watch it!

Agni (sharmishtha basu) Talks about Movie and Music 9.4.18 Constantine

Round about two years ago my brother suggested me this series, he even took the trouble to subscribe me to Amazon Prime in my phone, but I honestly was not curious. Because I think movies with special effect just don’t click in phone screen!

Recently he played them for me in his computer! It is one of the best supernatural series I have ever seen, honestly, starting from the crappiest to the decent ones I try watching them all, and quit only if they are completely dull or repulsive! I watched Hindi horror series Aahat, that is my level of addiction to horror movies/serials.

Before watching Constantine if anyone had told me that horror series can be “classic” type I would not have believed that person. Constantine changed my view on “horror serials”. It is a pathetic tragedy that it lost turf war to “supernatural”, which was my favorite before I watched Constantine.

The stories, their presentation, the characters, actors- everything about this series is above ordinary or good! If you love horror movies/series don’t miss this one! Try it out! It is worth it!

If you do, share your views!