Thursday Rhymes 6.7.17

In an abandoned hut, inside the wood
travelers dare not to trespass, for there lived
a vile woman, evil than devil they say.
She had a mask of a very pretty angel, that she wore,
hiding her rotting flesh and decaying soul,
she conned every creature that came close to her,
beast or men all alike.
To equals she feigned to be friend, to older the daughter,
to younger the mother, but all headed for the same fate.
She sucked them dry like a spider that lures gullible
or careless creatures in web, and once in the web,
there is no going out, they dangle there, while she takes
her time, one by one she sucks them dry, not a single one
slips by! The travelers say that her evil stayed behind,
so did the sigh of the innocents she slaughtered pretending
to be their savior, friend, mentor, nurturer.
That foulest of betrayal became darkness itself and lives there,
They say if one stays there he sure will be cursed!


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