Thursday Rhymes 15.6.17

Ah the wicked wicked wolf, shrewd as one can be,
She trots with the sheep, wearing one’s skin.
That poor lamb was her first kill, too gullible for own sake.
She devoured her, chewed her to the last bone and then
suddenly the idea popped up in her mind, what if…
What if she wore its skin and trotted with the sheep.
When the shepherd was not watching she may lure one,
to take a walk with her to far away meadow where grass was greener.
Oh that will be so delicious, sooner or later a fool will fall,
and take that last walk with her, that will mean meal for few days,
then she will resume her post.
Till date she lives with herd of sheep, hops from one herd to other.
To avoid being branded as suspicious and preys on the innocents.
Using their gullible trusting nature she gets her prey without a fuss,
no hunting, no toil required only treachery and cunning!
That suits her quite well.


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