Thursday Rhymes 1.6.17

Motherly affection is not a gadget available on hire,
You can’t make a woman feel “motherly”,
Lucky indeed it is for the society that most women are born
mothers, it’s simply inside them, it comes to them by nature!
Then again often they are brought up that way,
they are too scared to say it out loud that they don’t feel like one.
They just don’t have that thing in them, gushing on every child that
comes their way, they hide it because they know the scorns they will face,
if they go around telling they prefer their lap empty, not because they hate,
but because they are not interested to have a kid on their lap.
So they fall in the rhythm with the society, wear the mask it wants them to wear.
Better watch out if you truly suffer from the complex,
that motherhood is an automatic, spontaneous and universal power.
You may end up with a nanny or a crib killer, better check out before you bargain.


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