Thursday Rhymes 27.4.17

A home is built with so much care,
So much planning, hearts full of dreams
Chalk the plan together for a future together
Brick by brick the foundation is laid,
Walls come up to keep turbulence out
A roof to shelter from rain and thunder,
Colours of love and joy paint the walls,
Everything is done with wholehearted care
Hoping to build a home that will last forever
Where generations will be born and live.
But when it is brought down
It takes no time at all, powerful forces
Caring not the least about consequences
Hit from all side, till everything comes down
Then the rubble is scooped up and disposed with,
Like it was nothing at all, never.
With them go away the dreams, memories
That were once there.
Maybe a new home will replace the old one,
New lives will breathe under a new roof,
Or some lifeless mall, plaza will pop up,
Stars only know what is in time’s mind,
Spectators can only wait and see results.


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