Thursday Rhymes 20.4.17

There comes a time in life, when we may realize
Things that we have been holding on to
Were never that precious for us,
We just kept holding on to them
Like vines stay wrapped around the tree
Long after they are dead
The tree never realizes that they are dead
Once they bloomed, bore fruit but that was past
Now their skeletons, lifeless just hang from branches
Waiting for a strong breeze, pouring rain or time
to slowly remove them from their body.
A tree can only wait for nature to take steps,
We on the other hand can help ourselves
By leaving those lifeless things on ground
Before we move on in path of life…
Why keep these lifeless things in life?
When there is so little space for living?
Their place is not wrapped around a living being,
They too deserve to be liberated,
To be returned to where they belong,
So they may take the form of living again,
Maybe in some other land, other ground.


2 thoughts on “Thursday Rhymes 20.4.17

  1. Hi Trisha, I got your reply to my comment and am glad that I now can see your poems and artistic endeavors as well as things on your books. I am adding this site to my list of favorites. I really liked this read when I first read it.

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