Thursday Rhymes 13.4.17

“You know!” the wolf said,
taking long, long time before speaking,
“You have serious issues my dear…”
“I truly am sorry but you do!”
“Forgiving your enemy, one who has harmed,
is the sign of noble souls, saints!”
“Maybe I ate your father, mother,
maybe your grandparents too!
You rabbits look all same to me!”
“But I am sorry, I told you so!”
“What can I do? They were my food you know!”
“I had to eat something… I ate them!”
“Nothing personal… just hunger issues!”
“Please forgive me!” he said, looking deep
into the eyes of the rabbit.
“Ah your eyes full of hatred
are burning like red embers,
you wicked soul! You think I care
about your forgiveness?
You unforgiving soul!”
Saying so he pounced on him
and devoured him.
His loud burp sounded far and wide,
“Grasshoppers! Forgiveness my foot!”
He lifted his head, a tiger was standing,
Watching him keenly,
“You… yes you stole my prey last night,
Yeah the one I left under banyan tree…”


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