Thursday Bouquet 8.12.16


Have a great day!


5 thoughts on “Thursday Bouquet 8.12.16

    • thanks Renee, unfortunately I have shifted or I will rather say my brother has shifted to a new locality that is absolutely shitty 🙂 people here are priceless, fabulous, and these old f*** love to hang around my dwellings, every day they start practice their shitty vocabs outside my window 🙂 so… I hear s**** old f**** instead of birds these days 🙂

      But I am adjusting myself, because if I know the signs brother is planning to stay here for a long, long time!

      • It is unfortunate that having to move can either be good or not so good. Perhaps, there will be other things to inspire you or is there any kind of open spaces or markets you can walk in. I am not at all familiar with your new surroundings so would not know but I do hope so for you sake. My present apartment is nice enough but on a very busy intersection corner. Lots of noise and with the fire department downs the street I hear lots of sirens. The noise is OK, though, as the last place I lived there were lots of drug dealers and unsavory types of people. It was sad for me to watch children playing in the parking lot as there were no other spaces for them. I always wish you well and I am hoping you will find more inspiration where you are. Take care.

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