KAI Presents… Sharmishtha Basu!

Thanks a million times my dear friend!


Kev’s Author Interviews Presents:


Sharmishtha Basu


Well, I am a very ordinary human being, who stumbled upon the key to El Dorado when I started writing. My friends, who has always been the wind beneath my wings became the gentle breeze that fanned the flame ’til it became everlasting one. From an accidental writer I have become an obsessed writer and illustrator. I have published my works and am still hungry for more outlets. The reason my Ezines came to life is to provide an everlasting outlet and satisfy my hyperactive muse.
img_0025-sharmishtha-17-2-16-smMy hyperactive muse is inspired by everything- the cloud in sky, the stray cat snoozing on the rooftop across the road, the book I am reading, the song playing on music system or the movie I am watching… everything stirs my muse and quite often I shush her and forget what she was babbling. Then regret of…

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