Time and Grow for Ronovanwrites.wordpress.com

time and grow for ronovan

want to read more fantastic haiku? meet their authors? check out ronovanwrites.wordpress.com,

if you want to read my humble haiku

Have a great day!

29 thoughts on “Time and Grow for Ronovanwrites.wordpress.com

  1. Such an amazing piece … I remember when I used to stay in Bangalore(the time when it was called the silicon city of India ~ 2002) , our street was kind of least populated . There used to be gigantic banyan trees aging around some 100 years,drenching the whole street in coolness( the sight is just awesome!) . But Sadly , after the advent of Tech companies and in the name of urbanization, the government literally killed these beautiful trees ,which our ancestors brought up with care and love … Truly, these memories bring nightmare regarding the direction in which this humanity is moving…

    • it is the same story here in Kolkata, only darker, here everyone can have a go- the advertising agencies poison the trees so that they can place hoardings on dead trees, promoters fill up waterbodies so they can build flats on them! we are destroying ourselves due to our dumb greed that just wont sate!

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