Happy Holi 2016 (23rd and 24th March)

holi painting 2016

Happy Holi kiddos! Sorry it is three days late, but I wanted to share some pix, so I waited all day on 23rd before realizing that people here don’t play holi like people should, I had a faint hope maybe! they will play on 24th, but no they did not.

Now, I was one lucky woman that I braved the furious rays of sun and sneaked up to the roof to test my luck, and was rewarded fairly, got some cool pix of neighbourhood kids going home for bath, sorry could not get a single picture of playing holi.

No wonder I never loved Kolkata or its people much! Now, after seeing Hyderabad and its people even the liking has gone!

any way Wish you all colours and joys of life!

HOLI photograph 2016 23.3.16


10 thoughts on “Happy Holi 2016 (23rd and 24th March)

  1. Happy Holiday to you Sharmishtha. Really got lost in the so many challenges I am pursuing on my site and the daily prompt. I really have to cut down. Sorry for the long overdue silence. Hope all is fine. Many best wishes to you.

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