durgapuja mayer paye 108 agnishatdal

without internet I dedicated all my energy in these three books this durgapuja, tried to capture my precious memories of durgapuja and kalipuja before I forget them! this is book 1, bilingual-Bengali and English.

Agnijaat and Agnishatdal

Well Durgapuja is over, so, in place of growling around because my prime internet connection is still dead I passed it busy as bee, creating my 3 tributes for the mother Goddess.

Now, with all these years since I paid my final visit to Kamalpur, my ancestral puja I decided to write them down, before I forget, and I already have forgotten some of the rituals 😦

I should thank Troy for this, because his desire resulted in my daring to write these books.

durgapuja mayer paye 108 agnishatdal: It is bilingual, Bengali and English but both are parallel, and self-complete, Bengalis will enjoy both poems and those who know only one language wont mind not knowing the other.

It is mostly poems and of course full of illustrations, but available only as ebook.


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