Thursday Bouquet 1.10.15

falcon 22.9.15 IMG_0077

Is it a falcon? This bird looks like a falcon, he is one generous soul, I have been trying to take some good pictures of him since I came here in February, now, he has given me a set of good pix and a video too πŸ™‚

Thursday bouquet logo


4 thoughts on “Thursday Bouquet 1.10.15

  1. Looks like a falcon to me too. Actually, I just went to a bird sanctuary today with my students for raptors like eagles and falcons that were injured and can’t live in the wild anymore. They had a few birds that looked a bit like this: a few American kestrels and one peregrine falcon. This is probably a different variety though.

    • his beak is really small and most probably hooked. He always sits in the farther roof and does not likes my presence, he watches me from sky and then flies away to farther roofs these days πŸ™‚

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