Meghparir Gaan reviewed by Troy

meghparir gaan review by Troy

Once a person gathers up the courage to publish her own works a new world opens up to her, a world where she is pleasantly surprised or assured that her works truly can make people so glad that they spend their hard-earned money to buy them.

Same happened with me too, I was absolutely surprised to know that people will actually spend money to buy my books. My friends are so talented and fantastic artist and writers that I always believed that they just encourage me with their loving words, well they certainly surprised me when they bought my simple works and left their encouraging words to prove that they have!

Thanks Teagan, David, Brian, and above all Troy! Now, Teagan, Brian and David have been quite close to me for some time but Troy, well we do know each other, read each other’s works (I am a big fan of his wit, artworks and writings) but buying every single one of the books? That was a true honour for my simple works, he gave me a hint how one reader can become a writer/artist’s muse!
Do me a favour and check out his short story in amazon:

and his blog: for upcoming books and his marvelous creations- fractals.

for his amazing poetry and fantastic books, with a treasure trove contained within two covers of books. More than one.
While you are in at it don’t forget to check out the blogs of David for their books, works and fantastic writings!
for his fantastic stories about different continents, countries and terrific collection of photography.
If you are an indie writer looking for other Indies, readers just don’t miss his blog, it is a fantastic spot where the best books are reviewed by a brilliant critic.
This is another fantastic platform for Indie writers and an amazing place for those who love to read about different things, small and big things of life narrated by a genuine heart.


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