the heart beats on poem 2

From the very depth of our hearts
We know
God is never angry with us
Or unkind.

There is only one feeling in Her heart
For us, her children
And that is love, or compassion
She can never hate us.

But like a good mother she guides us,
Shows us only the way,
Allows us to experiment and then
Bear the consequences.

Sometimes others meddle with our paths,
She then rebukes them,
But waits for us to get up and walk again
On our own!

Hyderabad 16.6.15


4 thoughts on “the heart beats on poem 2

    • I can hardly say that V, you know, but I will just shuffle the words and say we can make the best out of anything that happens to us, squeeze out the best from it! Not everything happens for best 😦 sometimes life causes irreparable damages without any reason at all, all we can do is salvage the best from it and stick out our tongue at life!

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