Meghparir gaan song of clouds in amazon

book 23 meghparir gaan cover

This is my second bilingual book, a collection of 40 Bengali poems and their English essence captured in 40 English poems, now, from now on I will be trying this style, that is, no more paperbacks, black and white books, I will create my future books on Kindle comic creator mainly. Only ebooks in full colour and I will keep the price fixed too 1.99$ the minimum of Kindle Select, if I cross 50 poems in a book that is 50+50 then of course I will raise the price! 😉

What do you think of this style?

poem 1 english

poem 1 IMG_0007

Meghparir Gaan song of clouds
By Sharmishtha Basu


2 thoughts on “Meghparir gaan song of clouds in amazon

  1. I love this! I’ll have to pick it up this evening. You’ve always created excellent books, and the bilingual format is my favorite, as with “For Tagore Rabikare agnishatdal.” I’ve yet to progress to the point of doing worthwhile poetry in Bengali, but I’m learning much from the texts and your writings. Thank you!

    • Thanks a million times! I hope you will enjoy it, I have improved it quite a bit after rabikare and I am really glad that those poems are helping you! you must have progressed quite a bit in Bengali that means!

      when you start writing in Bengali join us banglakathaoblog it will be great to red your works.

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