Butterflies from life’s garden 6





poem 6


Never hurt a heart looking for
Innocent, harmless, unselfish happiness
Such feelings are cherished by all
If you can’t give, don’t, but don’t snatch away.

Tomorrow that disappointed face
Full of anguish, maybe tears
Will certainly come back to haunt
Then it will be too late to regret.

25.05.09, Garia, Kolkata


4 thoughts on “Butterflies from life’s garden 6

    • you know, it is a thing we all should try, when I was a tiny child I read a Doha (two line poem) by sage kabirdas,

      Aisi bani boliye man ka aapa khoy,
      auran ko sheetal kare aaphoon sheetal hoy.

      When you speak, speak so sweetly that it wins every heart, it soothes every one and yourself at the end! I practiced that for years, then people changed my mind about themselves (They instantly label such people as wimps), even now I try it as much as I can!

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