Moments from the journey 2




poem 2


Once upon a time a prince fell for an evil sorceress
With beauty of a fairy but heart as ice;
She wove her web around his heart
dark, deep, closing all light.

One day suddenly light of wisdom
tore open the web around his heart.
The prince woke up and saw his plight
dark shadows took their form by light.

He ran away as far as he could
took shelter in the arms of an
innocent woman with heart of gold,
he thought past is left behind.

The sorceress soon found him out
took shelter in the nearby wood.
The moment prince used to venture out
she used to take his form and torture his beloved.

The innocent woman was torn apart
a part of her heart worshipped the prince kind.
The other part hated the vile temptress in his disguise;
The innocent prince was shocked to see her change.

Fate was kind to the lovers and played its part
one day the prince left his sword behind.
Suddenly he came back and saw the temptress
in his own disguise, her spell was broken forever.


6 thoughts on “Moments from the journey 2

  1. It is observed, our past remains haunting us, so it is better we make amends presently so as to make our future sublime.

    Thanks sharing a beautiful poem.

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