Thursday Bouquet 4.6.15

surprise flowers FS IMG_0005 21.5.15

If Kolkata summers were oven, its furnace in Hyderabad 🙂 boy! Hope the sun will mellow down a bit real soon! living in top floor can be a real torment in summer! Apparently by next year we will have to arrange air-conditioner 😉

My body is totally rhymed to moist summer so it is giving me quite a hard time adjusting to the switch from oven to furnace… all our hopes are lying on monsoon showing up real soon with raining clouds.

have a great day and time ahead.
lots of love.

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2 thoughts on “Thursday Bouquet 4.6.15

    • we certainly will have to get an air-conditioner before next summer, this summer it is impossible, it took a lot of money to settle down here. 🙂 well, it poured last night! so a day or two of relief will come with that hopefully 🙂

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