Thursday Rhymes 28.5.15

self-righteousness is often self-excuse,
blinded by vanity or emotions
we fail to see
that the thing that we are calling “justice”
is actually all about “settling scores”
who exactly are we to claim that someone
actually did something wrong?
how can we be dead confident unless of-course
we catch him/her in action?
I wish things were that easy to decipher!
Well, believe me, mostly only the tip of
the iceberg is visible, and heaven only knows
what is frozen inside that berg, forget about
the portion that is sunk underneath water!

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2 thoughts on “Thursday Rhymes 28.5.15

  1. I have met so many liars in life that it takes a lot to convince me! I really don’t understand how people let others manipulate them into believing something they know nothing about!

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