Thursday rhymes 23.4.15

krishnakali bouquet IMG_0010 16.4.15

No special services required
just a little soil to hold on
few palmful of waters
that is all they desire
a little sunshine
a few drops of rain
and they fill up your world
with their sweet presence
their smiling lovely faces
and fragrance.

thursday rhymes 18.9.14


4 thoughts on “Thursday rhymes 23.4.15

    • you know in two houses of Kolkata where I could buy some plants and plant them I was slowly becoming seriously depressed that my green thumb has become black somehow… but I guess they needed lot more sunshine!

      I am not a great gardener but I have always loved planting and in burdwan I had quite a hefty number of plants, they did bloom and bore fruits! the death parade of Kolkata plants was really morbid!

      I am really loving this house that has freed me of that depression! 🙂

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