‘the bridge of her dreams’ and ‘crystal eyes’ – THE DISCOUNT IS STILL ON.

The bridge of her dreams & Crystal Eyes – from 10th January 4 AM to 17th January 11 PM these two books will be sold @1.99$ each, that will be a 51% discount, if you have been planning to buy them at discount, this will be your only chance this year. 😉

One click link to the discount page:


If you have been planning the paperback, you will get the eBook free if you buy the paperback for this same period.

Hope you will add these books to your collection and make me one happy writer. Have fun and a blessed 2015.


the bridge of her dreams

“Every day I thrash you like a dog, still you don’t learn your lessons, do you?” he grabbed her hair to pull her out of the bed and got electrocuted.
He fell on the ground with a thud, dead his wife went out through the wall and flew, gently perched on the banyan tree nearby and started to hum a saucy tune, smiling widely.

His real wife was miles away, being consoled by her mother; the impostor was a ghost, she too was a dowry victim who was killed by her husband for a new car, she just wanted to have some fun.

This is an excerpts from one of the 5 books published in December 2014, simple storybooks, without illustration. I have tried to keep the price as low as possible for your happiness. 🙂

The bridge of her dreams

ISBN-13: 978-1505309966 (CreateSpace-Assigned)
ISBN-10: 1505309964
BISAC: Fiction / Fantasy / General


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