“Serenade of Brush and Quill”


This one is absolutely illustration based in colour, it will be available only in kindle, and it will be more of a gift than a selling thing, because I will be keeping it really cheap, somewhere close to 5$, for those who have truly tight budget. I don’t think 300 rupee is much for a book which contains so many coloured illustrations, because honestly, I don’t see too many good things available in market for 300, things that will last for a lifetime I mean without losing their quality, no matter how much we use them! To add up, I am trying to convert my hobby into my vocation 😉 Hope it will find favourable wind in hearts of the readers and will materialize my dreams.

As for those who can’t spend so much money on my books, I have lots of them for free in my blogs, for your eyes only! Relish them! That too is a priceless gift from you to me.

This illustration based book, “Serenade of brush and quill” will be available on 1/1/15 in only kindle.

Serenade of Brush and Quill

Containing more than hundred illustrated poems, well, this is more of a gift from me than a book to sell. I have kept it cheaper than sane!



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