“Crystal Eyes” in createspace, kindle

crystal eyes

“Is it mine” she chirped like a happy sparrow. He smiled and nodded. “The woman who sold it to me at a painful price told me it brings good fortune to its possessor.” He told his wife, looking at the glowing face of their daughter, “Well at-least it brings lot of happiness!”

Want to read the rest of the story? It’s here:
crystal eye

ISBN-13: 978-1505309126 (CreateSpace-Assigned)
ISBN-10: 1505309123
BISAC: Fiction / Fantasy / General


4 thoughts on ““Crystal Eyes” in createspace, kindle

    • Thanks V, it is really boring for a writer to become a bookshop seller! I wish I could find someone/some people who will sell them for me and take share in the sales. seems these days everyone eyes the big ships. If I had the skills of gab and confidence I would have roped in a dozen or so Indies and sold their books and earned some money. Unfortunately my fingers have skills in limited fields, gab is not one of them 😦

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