Treat on “The Lotus of Fire” – 5th day of 7

The Lotus of Fire will be available for 1.99$ till 1/1/15, and If you want to gift it to someone (to my utmost joy) then if you buy the createspace paperback you will get the e-book free 

If you want to take a sneak peek inside, you can get it by clicking “look inside” option in the amazon page of the book, or check out its page in my blog I will be sharing small pieces of my books there.

When you buy the book please leave a review in amazon, please! A few dozen of cool reviews can decide the luck of a book. 

Have a blessed new year! May all your dreams, hopes come true in the coming year!

Its here:

And the kindle version is here:

(ASIN: B00O8M3O5E)


If you cant locate the concession page, it is here:


the petals of fire lotus

Petals of Fire Lotus

This contains 30 plus poems and paintings.

If you want the pdf file of this book let me know or 🙂

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