ReptRo Tails 1- ReptRo in love


Meet ReptRo. The Reptile Rodent, not Reptile Rodeo, like some of you may confuse. He will prefer Rodeo but he is Desi, lives in Kolkata but loves to tell people his actual residence is in American deserts.

Dont tell the mad scientist from whose lab he has escaped but he is partially true, his creater Doctor Villestein was experimenting with the genes of horned lizards, gilla monsters and rodents when he was born.

So ReptRo was partially right when he bragged that he was “originally” from american deserts 😉

Now, he was a little lucky, his cage door was lose and his caretaker under-estimated his power, so one fine day he flew the coup.

Now he hides in sewers and ruins, unfortunately there are not too many private places in Kolkata, most ruins are quite visible in and out, so he lives in sewers during day time and skulks in ruins during night, half hidden in shadow.

Rest later, huh? …


2 thoughts on “ReptRo Tails 1- ReptRo in love

    • It is based on some real life ReptRos who cyberstalk me, I know they skulk about me, because they know my habits and other things, but they pretend that they are not from India and of-course are not Indians, I get rid of them but that hardly matters to them, they dont get lost, just change names and skulk around.

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