I am almost there ;)

Well with deepest regrets I will have to stay away from internet for a while, I have used up all my internet usage capacity and will have to wait for 26th november, boy I got a little taste of boredom after hectic time of past two months, but used it to stir the hunger in place of allowing it to bore me to death!

In the meantime I will try to log in and check out your comments from here and then response, using my name and imaginary email ids to check out your posts from a tormentingly slow connection!

Grr, so you certainly wont see me on FB till 26th, may get a few extra emails though! Anyway I dont think people there are going to notice my 15 day absence anyway, yeah, this poor soul has been rationing her internet usage since ages… most probably from 18th, I did complained on the very next day in mydomainpvt. 😦 I did not knew EIGHT days are so LONG!!!! BUT THAT IS FOR WP readers, FB well, I am not that present there!

Have fun (alas! My posts will pop up because they have been scheduled.)
Love and hugs.


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