Thursday Rhymes 20.11.14

What comes to you naturally?
love, trust and respect
or hatred, mistrust and disrespect?
if the former then it is alright,
even if this society makes you bleed,
one too many times,
just know one thing,
your heart behaves just the right way,
the way a living heart should.
If it is not,
if the latter is your way,
you need healing,
and your best doctor
is you yourself my dear one,
start today!

thursday rhymes 18.9.14


6 thoughts on “Thursday Rhymes 20.11.14

  1. Thanks V, I am glad that we share our point of view. I firmly believe that just like all other animals human beings too are naturally good, they just pick up the wrong habits and soon those habits become their nature 😦

    Some get corrupted real early and never change and some never change no matter how hard the world tries to corrupt them!

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