Thursday rhymes 13.11.14

Is age really that scary a number?
You will meet these jittery souls
too often in my world
dont know yours
they are truly funny if you can see
the fun part of their lies
how they miss to add all things up
and tell a perfect bluff
if you take the face value
and start to calculate
you may discover to your great joy
that their first kid was born
when they were two or three years old
at the max when they were eleven,
I have met a few women myself,
and men too my dear
whose kids I knew were either older
or very close to me
if you judge by age i mean
yet, when their parents share their age
they sometimes state a number
a few years older than me. πŸ™‚
Ah the twisted irony!

thursday rhymes 18.9.14


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