Thursday rhymes 6.11.14

one man
blinded by anger, pain or something else
how destructive that man can become
if given access to things
that such person should never have
and once such persons were
abstained from such things
but we live in a society
that first fills a person with anger, hatred
and then hands him over the best weapons
to unleash havoc in innocent lives.
Ah! Where are we taking this world?

thursday rhymes 18.9.14


4 thoughts on “Thursday rhymes 6.11.14

    • when i read about these boys/girls and think about the child terrorists, recently i was watching blood diamond, just could not watch it!!! this was the thought that kept returning again and again. They are angry, so the society should take care that they dont harm others in place of that they are stuffed with deadly weapons and innocents suffer! what are we doing to the society?

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